Intention Setting, Manifesting, Journaling and Yoga Flowing

RECORDING of New Year Yoga Workshop with Lisa – Intention setting, Journaling, Manifesting & Yoga Flowing

A 90 minute workshop to take you out of the external world and into the internal world, focusing on setting intentions and manifesting what you really want and desire in your life right now, meditating on those intentions and manifestations, then bringing them to life as we move our beautiful bodies in a slow and nourishing way.

You may not know how powerful the mind is, when you focus on negativity you draw in more negativity, when you focus on positivity (i understand this can be challenging especially in these uncertain times) but when you do you really will draw in more positivity – where your mind goes energy flows.

Let me take you on this journey inwards to focus on bringing more of the good stuff into your life.

No yoga experience is necessary.

Price £10


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