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Yoga classes for all

Join me in YOUR. home yoga studio with Lisa Cuerden

I am so thrilled to see our yoga community grow and so honoured to be delivering daily yoga via my membership ‘YOUR. home yoga studio’ with Lisa Cuerden.

We have created a wonderful community… we come together, we practice yoga, we meditate, we laugh, we cry, we heal, we learn, we create something special together.

Why practice yoga?

There’s never been a better time to do yoga

Yoga is so much more than a way to stretch your body or make yourself physically stronger – it brings you to the present moment which is the moment where nothing else matters – all you have is that very moment, that breath – in that moment you have freedom and space physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Yoga for everyone

no matter what your age and current fitness levels there will be a practice that will suit you on your yoga journey

Renewing your mind

Your mind needs to strengthen, rest and heal just like your physical body, yoga can assist in helping you to achieve this

Balance the body & mind

Work your physical body, challenge your mind but balance that with rest, relaxation, space and recovery – Lisa will guide you through all of this

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By stretching and strengthening your physical body not only will you move more freely but avoid those niggling injuries that prevent you from moving free from pain

Live the life you love

When you connect to your mind, body and emotions on a deeper level you will live your life from a free and happier place

More energy

Moving your body will energise you, resting your body will energise you, finding that balance will give you the energy you need for a happier life

Start Your 7 Day Free Trial

The Studio is just the start.

Hundreds of yoga classes on demand with all your favourite practices available to you

Here’s what’s included in ‘YOUR. home yoga studio’ membership:

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Not only I am offering yoga classes but I also have so many talented presenter friends joining me to give you a variety of different fitness classes, meditations and specialist yoga practices.


More than just
a few poses and om.

Practice wherever and whenever you want, choosing a practice that you need at that time

Below are examples of some of the yoga practices available as part of your membership. 

Hundreds of classes, tutorials and meditations to choose from as well as live streaming classes throughout the week

Vinyasa Freedom Flow

Lisa takes you through a freeing journey working on physical strength and emotional release to balance the body, mind and soul

Yoga Conditioning

A conditioning based yoga class strengthening the physical body, helping you to understand how to move your body more efficiently in your yoga practice and focusing on those weak muscles

Heart Opening Flow

Lisa encourages you to connect to your heart, focusing on releasing, opening, letting go physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Expect to finish the class feeling a whole lot of deep love for yourself and all those around you

Power Yoga

Lisa will take you through a vinyasa based yoga class focusing on improving strength and stamina both in body and mind - can be intense at times - expect to get sweaty

Yang to Yin Flows

Lisa will take you on a journey from a sweaty, powerful flow to seated, still & long holds. It provides a balanced practice for mind & body


Guided meditations lasting 10-20 minutes, sit with yourself and give your mind some stillness and a chance to heal

Join hundreds of like minded people

Community is just as important as the class, and we have an awesome community!

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Lisa Cuerden


Lisa Cuerden runs a yoga business based in Brighton teaching a variety of different types yoga classes (Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga) all around Brighton as well as offering 1-1 Yoga both online and in person with clients all over Europe.  Lisa also presents and teaches at international events and retreats.

Lisa is internationally renowned in the fitness and yoga presenter circuits teaching at many of the large fitness events across the UK as well as running her own Yoga retreats in the UK, Ibiza, France, Turkey and other parts of Europe.

Lisa is the owner and director of the online yoga membership ‘YOUR. Home Yoga Studio’ with Lisa Cuerden.  Yogi’s (and those new to beginner yoga) join her through the week for LIVE streaming yoga classes, meditations, yoga tutorials and much more.

Through Lisa’s fitness career she achieved British Deadlift Champion in 2012 and then broke her own record again in 2013, due to going through a challenging experience in regards to her health she decided to stop lifting weights and switch her training and focus to yoga.

Lisa has taught yoga for over 13 years starting with fitness based yoga then going on to do over 1000+ hours of yoga teacher trainings.  She continues to educate and advance her learning.

‘My training experiences in LA, Bali, India, London and Austria have taken me on a transformational journey to learning to being at peace with my mind and my body, I am physically and mentally a different person, Yoga truly has changed my life for the better and I am loving this journey’.  Lisa Cuerden

Let Lisa guide you on this magical journey

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Expect to feel happier, less anxious, more connected to yourself and those around you, it really can change your life.

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